Martina Schwarz

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10 11 2022
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06 04 2022

About Martina Schwarz

I'm a business owner who wants to bridge the gap between sustainability, design and business. I have 10+ years of industry experience in packaging design and brand building.

Martina’s mentoring experience

I have benefited from a lot of support in the past few years, which helped me start my business, so I would like to give back and help other early-stage startup founders.

I am particularly interested in supporting founders from underserved communities.

How Martina can help your business

These are the areas where I think I could help you:

* Development of a physical product

* Design thinking principles applied to product development

* Packaging design

* Brand development

* How to integrate sustainability into product development

* How to test a product with your customer target

* General guidance for an early-stage startup

I've worked for 10+ years in the packaging design industry, working for many years to help develop brands from companies such as P&G, Unilever, Kellogg's and Quorn. With a BA in product design and an MBA, I thrive in bridging this gap.