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02 06 2023
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18 05 2022

About Anna Jones

I am the founder of Your AJency, a global strategic marketing expert who uses my commercial retail experience of running London flagships , marketing knowledge and global perspective to connect my clients to the right people to support them grow. I am passionate about seeing fellow female founders grow and succeed.

As a business owner myself, time is precious and the juggle is real. I want to support you do what you love and connect you with the people who will instantly see the magic in your brand/business.

With my retail background, commercial goals are at the centre of what I do. I am particularly passionate about marketing mentoring but also love to support owners with business development. When it comes to your marketing effort I want it to count and show in tangible results as well as stunning marketing campaigns.

Anna’s mentoring experience

I have worked with startups through to multi-million pound businesses across the world. I have been luckily enough to live in 5 countries and have learnt so much from working with different nationalities and cultures. I now support ambitious business owners who have either national or international goals and teach them how to think internationally but work locally to ensure they adapt to their different audiences.

I get to know you really well, and together we come up with a plan that will work for YOU and is achievable.

If you are an ambitious business owner who wants to reach new heights of growth but are seeking a fun, supportive mentor, I would love to connect and see if we are right for each other!

How Anna can help your business

I will act as a real cheerleader for you I can be it and here is how

I bring big growth, big-goal thinking to small business

I will connect you to an amazing network of fellow business owners, my network is focused on female founders

I am the missing sounding board that is often not there as a solopreneuer, so some of those big decisions are not made alone.

I will support you in making things happen with encouragement, fun, and a gentle nudge out of your comfort zone.

I love nothing more than working with others, over the years I have led and developed high-performing teams of multi million pound businesses not only so they can play their part in a business's growth but are also fulfilled as an individual and are developed. When I decided to first set up my own business back in 2015, to succeed I knew I had to find a network and that is why I have joined communities across the world.


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