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17 01 2023
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12 11 2021

About Keisha Shah

Keisha is the founder behind Teddo Play, a multi award-winning children’s educational brand providing a variety of play-based educational products that inspire a love of learning in children of all ages, all made right here in the UK & loved by families all over.

Keisha’s mentoring experience

Keisha is a trained mentor with the Association of Business Mentors, voluntarily offering her time to mentor SMEs who are part of the government’s Help to Grow programme.

Keisha is also a business mentor with Small Business Britain's Small & Mighty Programme.

"I absolutely love to share my knowledge and experience running a small successful business. Being a teacher, I find it exciting and easy to drive helpful information to people. People find me approachable and knowledgeable in a number of areas and I believe in the idea of growing together so I am always helping out businesses and people in general. I have worked with university students as part of their case studies and graded projects as well as small businesses just starting out. I do my research thoroughly and find it satisfying when I am able to save someone's time by directing them to the right resources for the information they need - be it around safety testing of children's products, finding the right labs to understanding the results, where to look for funding opportunities, grants, resources that can save time, making meaningful connections, PR, marketing, brainstorming, encouraging and demonstrating thinking outside the box, etc. I regularly join roundtable discussions and contribute to research papers which help feed into government policies."

How Keisha can help your business

As recently seen live on TV on BBC News & in a number of national press & media, heard from the Prime Minister's Office, recognised as the 'Best in Children's Development Products' twice in a row by the England Prestige Awards, selected by the renowned entrepreneur Theo Paphitis, from the Dragon's Den, as one of his small business winners, recognised as the 'Most Innovative Children's Product Brand Director (UK)' and 'Business Woman of the Year (Children's Education & Play category) by the AI Influential Business Women Awards 2021 & 2022, all of Teddo Play's products are highly engaging & interactive making them a loved resource across children (and adults!) of all ages, needs & abilities.

Keisha regularly attends roundtables & contributes to research papers & government policy papers on topics around Entrepreneurship, Education, Female Entrepreneurship, Small Businesses, Enabling access to and mentorship for University students encouraging access to entrepreneurial skills through participation in real-time projects.

You'll find Keisha championing for small businesses, always doing her best giving fellow small businesses shout-outs on socials, mentoring and sharing knowledge as well as collaborating and encouraging collaborations within the small business community in general.


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