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25 10 2022
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About Lucy Patterson

At Flourish Unlimited, I love supporting business owners and leaders - just like you - to use creative design thinking tools and exercises to confidently develop the mindset and ecosystems required to achieve profitability and sustainability in today's rapidly changing marketplaces.

So what is design thinking? Well, it's a non-linear and easily repeated process that enables understanding, challenges assumptions, and redefines problems. Think business strategy and coaching, with emphasis on solving the right problems, keeping your customer at the heart of everything you do, and staying ahead of the competition with ease!

Sure, design thinking is often associated with innovation, and it certainly can innovate the way you work and the services you provide, but innovation is actually more of a happy side effect, rather than the overall goal.

Let's bust a few more myths around design thinking while we're at it!

It's not just for designers.
It's not just for corporate organisations.
It's not just for products.
It's not a scary process.

It's creative!
It's bloody good fun!
It shifts your mindset!
It gets you solving the RIGHT problems!
It builds and focuses teams!
It improves communication!

It can make a MASSIVE difference to your teams, customers, processes, and profits - but with less 'meh' and more fun than more traditional business coaching / consultancy approaches.

As Co-Founder of NeurOkay CIC, I also get to use design thinking to support neurodivergent business owners as they start-up/scale-up their enterprises. I do this alongside a renowned Neurodiversity Coach.

So whilst I get to focus on business models, mindset, creativity, and challenging assumptions, Alison supports executive functioning, emotional regulation etc. This way we remove overwhelm, ensure processing times are respected, and enable people to create a path to success that works for them. If you think about it, we're always told to look for USPs in business, well neurodivergent individuals come with their own set of USPs, so you don't get better than that!

NeurOkay CIC also provide accredited training and specialist consultancy to organisations who want to better understand, celebrate, and create allyship with their neurodivergent employees, whilst improving communication within teams and across departments.

Feel free to jump into my inbox if you'd like to know more about how Flourish Unlimited or NeurOkay CIC can help you or your organisation. I'm always happy to answer Qs or have an initial chat.


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