One-Off Insight pieces

One-Off Insight pieces
Borago Insights

Deep dive insight pieces can give you a really good understanding of what’s happening on your website or who your supporters/customers are. This can help you decide where is best to focus your time and money to have the most impact.

Our insight pieces can cover:

    •    Behaviours through your different conversion journeys.

    •    Profiling your different types of supporters/customers and how long they stay with you.

    •    What behaviours your different marketing activities are driving.

    •    What actions your different types of content are contributing to.
Borago Insights
I'm the Founder of Borago Insights, a data analysis consultancy specialising in organisations doing social impact work. We empower social enterprises through data to do more good. Borago was born when during one of my kennel shifts at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home I had a usually stressed dog fast asleep in my lap and I realised I wanted that sense of purpose and fulfilment in my work life as well as my personal one. Some time later and after much work the idea became real life in July 2020. We work with social enterprises of all sizes to make sure they're collecting the right data and can trust it. Once those fundamentals are in place we can then provide a reporting framework that makes that information easy to access and understand for whoever needs it. Outside of work I am a Kennel Support and Gardening Volunteer at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

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