Helping you create retail design that people will talk about

Helping you create retail design that people will talk about

To attract customers, it’s not enough to have a high-quality product anymore. So, where do you start with the wow effect that can increase brand awareness? How do you design an unforgettable experience?  

This is a complex topic, and we don’t have one solution for all, because each business is different. We tailor the packages according to your preferences and convert your unique story to physical surrounding.    

What are some of the services that we offer?

  • Full store design (floor plans, elevations, color and material specifications, 3D visualizations, etc.)

  • Bespoke designs (furniture, artwork, illustrations, etc.)

  • Finish suggestions for paint, fixtures, and flooring, etc.

  • Consultation through completion

How does the work process look like?

In the beginning, we interview our clients to get to know them and to see what they have in mind for their business. Based on that we then create preliminary drawings and ask for the feedback. Client can be involved in the design process as much as they like to be. We go back and forth until the client is confident with the final design.

How long until the final drawings?

This depends on the scale of the project and of the visualizations you would like to have. Contact us for a precise quote!  

I'm Darja, founder of DCM Designs. From my interior design studio in London, I create remarkable spaces that deliver on dreams. For me, the desires of a client are above everything else and it is my passion to re-imagine their vision. I have a multidisciplinary approach and focus on B2B, offering retail and pop-up store design services.

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