Get iOS 14 Sorted by Jo Francis

Get iOS 14 Sorted by Jo Francis

In light of the new iOS 14 changes, there’s a process you need to work through to get your Facebook ad account set up and ready.

This is very much something you have to do yourself, as it has to be done by the ad account owner and the owner of the website domain, but you may feel more confident doing it on a forty-five minute call, where we can screen share and I can walk you through the process.
I've been running my business for nearly ten years now, after a twenty year career in sales and marketing. What I do, day in day out, with absolute passion, is help my clients to implement their marketing strategies and get their sales funnels really working for them – primarily through harnessing the power of Facebook advertising and email automation. I’m not just here to tell you WHAT you should be doing, I’m here to help you with the actual implementation of all the strategies and ideas.

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