Fire Safety Training Course by Alastair Barrett

Fire Safety Training Course by Alastair Barrett
Alastair Barrett
Alastair Barrett
Managing Director
What no Safety Services Ltd

Every employee has a role to play in minimising the risk of fire on your premises. Plus, by increasing their awareness they will be able to act appropriately and confidently in the event of a fire.


Fire Safety Training for Managers and Employees

What No Safety is now offering two NEW half day (3-hour) courses on Fire Awareness, one for managers and one for employees.

Fire Safety for Managers

This course is aimed at managers in any organisation who have authority and responsibility for dealing with safety matters and may be involved in ensuring compliance and business continuity.

The course covers:

  • Fire Safety Legislation and compliance

  • Fire safety strategy and policy

  • Risk management and risk assessment

  • Fire safety and business continuity

Fire Safety Awareness

This course is aimed at all employees and covers:

  • Fire development and behaviour

  • Fire escape routes and active and passive fire protection measures. [Fire alarms, emergency lights, signs and notices.]

  • Fire doors

  • Basic fire risk assessment

  • Firefighting equipment

  • Emergency evacuation procedures and fire drills

  • Human behaviour in fires

It is recommended and anticipated that these courses are held on your premises. Enabling us to tailor for you and most importantly your business needs.

Both training courses will be facilitated by David Dunford, NEBOSH, BA(Hons) Education & Training, DMS, IFPO and Registered MIFPD Fire Risk Assessor. David worked in the fire service for 34 years and was actively involved in all aspects of risk management; advising on technical fire safety matters, enforcement, education and training. He continues to work in the field of operational incident command, providing training to the fire and ambulance service and is an active member of Serve On, a charity that provides disaster response teams worldwide.

These courses can be provided for up to a maximum of 15 persons. POA. Contact Alastair for more information. 

Alastair Barrett
Alastair Barrett
Managing Director
What no Safety Services Ltd
What No Safety Services Ltd is a health and safety consultancy looking to create a bespoke advisory and training service tailoring practical and cost effective solutions to the problems that businesses face on a day-to-day basis.  Services include accident investigation, property audits and inspections to ensure legal compliance, Construction (Design and Management) Coordinator’s and the creation of risk assessments. Question, what can you do for me? In essence, businesses must identify key working activities, identify the hazards, which arise from those activities, assess the likelihood of those hazards occurring in reality and thus the level of risk that arises.  Then, managers can decide on priorities for controlling those risks and form an action plan for implementing and maintaining effective risk control into the future to include training and monitoring. What No Safety Services Ltd aims to assist by providing auditing, training and advice to help you achive this simple as that.

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