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22 03 2023
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18 04 2017

About Dan Smith

Dan is Director of Doogheno, growth marketing for growing companies. Here, they help to combine marketing automation, chatbots, inbound marketing with solid sales principles to grow businesses. Dan has a particularly keen interest in emerging technologies, their sociopolitical impact, and the business landscape. Dan is also a Fellow of the RSA and is involved in the Future of Work project.

Based in South East London with his wife and 7-year old daughter, Dan is a Chelsea fan, plays guitar badly, loves comedy and beer even more so.

Dan’s mentoring experience

Dan has been running sales and marketing in companies for over 20 years, from start-ups to PLCs. Voted one of the top 250 global experts 3 years in a row for his work with taking new services to market.

Dan will act as a sounding board and guide you through 1:1 mentoring. Dan will be a good listener, ask the right questions, and be passionate about helping you achieve your business goals.

How Dan can help your business

Dan understands the challenges of building a business as he has very much lived, breathed and been there! Dan can support small businesses and start-ups in tackling Business Strategy, Sales Process, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Overall Strategy.

Dan has also recently undertaken training with the Association of Business Mentors.


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