CybilityXP LIVE Cybersecurity awareness training for your people

CybilityXP LIVE Cybersecurity awareness training for your people
Michala Liavaag
Michala Liavaag
Founder virtual CISO and Cybersecurity Consultant
Cybility Consulting Ltd

74% of security incidents are due to the human factor.

Perhaps it's the temp falling victim to a clever phish and sharing their username and password, or an overworked IT engineer misconfiguring a system, the busy care worker losing a device between home visits, or you yourself accidentally deleting files (we've all done it).

So how do you enhance your team's cybersecurity awareness?
Cybility Consulting’s CybilityXP Live Awareness Session is designed to engage and educate your employees on critical cybersecurity topics interactively and effectively.

Common Challenges:
Low Awareness: Many employees are unaware of how their actions impact cybersecurity.
Human Error: Simple mistakes can lead to significant security breaches.
Boring Training: Traditional training often fails to engage participants.
Lack of Practical Skills: Employees may not know how to apply cybersecurity principles in daily tasks.

Our Solution:
Join our CybilityXP Live Awareness Session to tackle these issues:

Engaging Content: Gamification and storytelling make learning enjoyable.
Interactive Learning: Simulations and exercises build practical skills.
Customised Approach: Tailored content fits your organisation’s specific challenges.
Behavioural Change: Focus on fostering lasting secure behaviours.
Expert Guidance: Led by experienced cybersecurity and education consultants.

Benefits for Your Organisation:
Enhanced Awareness: Equip your team to recognise and respond to cyber threats.
Reduced Risk: Minimise the likelihood of human error causing breaches.
Practical Skills: Ensure employees apply cybersecurity principles daily.
Increased Engagement: Create a positive learning experience.

Our CybilityXP Live Awareness Session is a dynamic way to improve your organisation’s cybersecurity posture through engaging and practical training.

For more information and to schedule a session, visit or contact us at
Michala Liavaag
Michala Liavaag
Founder virtual CISO and Cybersecurity Consultant
Cybility Consulting Ltd
Michala, the founder of Cybility Consulting, works as a virtual CISO and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) advisor. She spent over 25 years in IT and 14 of them leading information governance and security programmes across local government, healthcare, charity, and the private sector. She is an experienced professional, speaker, mentor, and podcaster. As a consultant, she demystifies cybersecurity for leaders, enabling them to better protect their organisations. She contributes to work with the UK National Cyber Security Centre, sits on the advisory group of the South-East Cyber Resilience Centre, and formerly sat on the BCS Information Risk Management and Assurance (IRMA) Management Committee. Michala, a black woman in a white-male-dominated cybersecurity field, is passionate about inspiring and mentoring the next generation. She mentors #CyberFirst, STEM Ambassadors, and WiCys. Her podcast and YouTube channel, Cybility Savvy, offer cybersecurity tips and fascinating interviews with leaders and experts.

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