Connected-Factory Systems by Cliff Brereton

Connected-Factory Systems by Cliff Brereton

Connecting manufcaturing assets to AI and advanced analytics to provide tactical and strategic insights in real-time.

CEO delivering productivity gains to Manufacturers with Industry 4.0 connected-factory services. Cliff was trained and educated as an Engineer and spent over a decade of his early career as a designer within a UK based and globally exporting machine tool company. He understands manufacturing intimately and how data and analytics can accelerate performance from, product design, through supply chain, manufacturing & quality and ultimately sales and distribution. Prior to his current role with DATAHONE, Cliff was Director of HM Government’s Data Science Research Lab the Hartree Centre at Research UK’s Daresbury campus. During this time Cliff developed and secured a £315M five-year joint research collaboration in to Data Centric & Cognitive Computing with IBM Research, USA. Cliff also oversaw the UK’s very first petaflop supercomputer Blue Joule. Cliff is a former IBM veteran having spent 22 years with ‘Big Blue’ in various professional, management and director’s roles. He is also an Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of Liverpool’s School of Engineering.  

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