Business Growth Coaching by Karen Watkins

Business Growth Coaching by Karen Watkins
Karen Watkins
Karen Watkins
Founder of Rowan Consulting

Hello and thanks for seeking out more information on our services.

Whether you’re 2 people or 200 people it’s the same thing, no one runs a business on their own, we all need support on the journey, and the team around you can define the success of your business. Through expanding the performance capability of individuals within your organisation, you can ensure your business will grow. Like any approach, it's not achieved through a single stage or step but rather through a journey. Working with you, we define that journey, the stages, and the training and support needed in a manageable way, for both yourself as a business owner, and your team.

We often use the analogy of a bus; however you design it and however lovely you feel it is, in order for it to be successful and for people to get on your bus, what should be clear is where you are going, why you’re going there and what their role is, should they choose to get on it. When there is lack of clarity it will likely lead to:

Lack of focus on the right areas
Unintentional business failings
Overlapping agendas
Abdicated responsibility.
Siloed teams and lack of collaboration
Conflict between teams and individuals
Lack of delegation

In short, organisational mayhem ensues and you’re left feeling like you’re herding fish.

Organisational coaching comprises of such areas as leadership and executive coaching, coaching for performance (improvement or otherwise) as well as business and workplace coaching to help owners and leaders define and work towards their purpose; in short, we help people in the organisation to be better at their role so that the organisation can be a better business. #Win/Win !

If you're experiencing any of the above, or would just like to talk about how we can help you change and grow your business through your people, then please connect and send me an inmail. :)
Karen Watkins
Karen Watkins
Founder of Rowan Consulting
Everything we do at Rowan is underpinned by our commitment to help you enhance the organisational performance of your business. We do this in 3 ways 1. HR support & advice dealing with those day-to-day people issues as they arise, enabling you to get on with running your business. 2. Developing emerging leaders, everyone needs a No2 (or 3) that can step up as the business grows, we help identify and support their development. 3. Structuring the business, at some point the business will grow and change, using our easy 6 step process we show you how, and even work on the plan with you to ensure success. We believe in a relationship built on o Complete delivery with clarity o Simplicity o Trust These values are key to our success, owning or managing a business is hard enough, let’s not overcomplicate things, we build trust, offer complete clarity and, in an ever complicated and complex world of dealing with people and human emotion we keep things simple. We are here to enhance the organisational performance of your business, by working with you on the human aspect of the running a business. You can find more resources from Karen here: And if you'd like to uncover your inner leader, why not try Karen's leader profile questionnaire?

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