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Simple Marketing for Small Businesses, Charities & Marketing Apprentices💡5-Step Marketing Strategy™ 💡Doable Marketing Plan™ 💡Flexible Marketing Manager 👻 Coach, Collaborator, Mentor, NED, Young People's Advocate 💫


Managing directors, marketing apprentices and marketers.

I'm also a provider and mentor for business growth hubs, an Enterprise Advisor for a local High School, and Non-Exec Director at Absolute Specialists Wellbeing, a social enterprise. Plus, I love collaboration and learning.

Anna’s mentoring experience

Over the last 26 years I've worked with some great businesses and leaders - QA Consulting, Belly Button Designs, Coop Bank, DWF LLP, Charli Wall, GUTMA, The Loop UK, The DSM Foundation, Positive Steps, SalesGym360, Westcoast, Zen Internet, Docutech, Colgate Palmolive, NHS, Guardian Media Group, Bolton Council, Ingram Micro, The Raw Talent Academy, and the award-winning Butterwhips and Light’Artedly.

I believe in giving back in lots of different ways - mentoring, fundraising, community and charity. I also believe in preparing young people for the real world, and do all I can to support the health, well-being and confidence of young people through local schools, colleges and chosen charities - The Loop, The DSM Foundation and Early Break.

How Anna can help your business

ONE LAST THING...It's got to be 2-way, no silos between sales and marketing. I've worked my backside off and worked my way up, across private and public sectors - you get all of this as well as my commitment to excellence, learning and loving life.


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