Jelena Savonina

Chartered Financial Adviser DirectorEbor Financial Planning Limited
Last updated
14 05 2023
Member since
29 11 2022

About Jelena Savonina

As an operations director at Ebor Financial Planning, I ensure that business runs smoothly and consistently delivers excellent client outcomes. In my work, I continually innovate and transform how we work and advise individual and corporate clients on how to build and maximize their finances. I solve financial problems and work as your trusted partner to help you build wealth and navigate uncertainty.

My passion lies in business development and advising clients to align their financial resource

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What Jelena wants to get out of the course

Get fresh perspective on the business challenges that I'm facing.

Learn how to manage the team more effectively and build skillsets, so I could delegate some of my responsibilities.

Learn how to engage the team and maintain effective communication while allowing remote working.

Explore opportunities in launching new products - workshops and training courses to create new revenue streams.


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