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23 11 2023
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About Lindsey Moore

Hi, I'm Lindsey Moore, a business development and marketing adviser to b2b small business owners, coaches, consultants and advisers. I have spent over 20 years successfully growing, advising and empowering small businesses.

I provide a practical advice, coaching and hands-on support to help my clients scale or pivot their business. My clients are business owners, consultants and coaches who - up to now - have grown their business based on recommendation. By being excellent in their field, knowing their subject, delivering tangible benefits to their clients, my clients have grown something very special – genuine trust.

However, they have come to realise that if they want to scale their business, they are going to have to generate an additional source of new clients i.e. with people and other businesses who have never heard of them before and who aren’t coming to them ready-armed with the assurance of a trusted recommendation.

I help my clients understand how to get really good at approaching ‘cold’ prospects, opening new conversations and building a sustainable pipeline of new leads which drives growth. I help my clients understand where to start and how to focus their time and energy to achieve the greatest impact and results when it comes to business development and marketing in the most cost effective way possible - skills I’ve spent my entire career learning, honing and refining.

Specifically, my services include:

 Marketing and business development coaching - ongoing advice and mentoring to help help you identify a plan, put it into action and monitor and review your activity

 Flexible, practical, hands-on support - including creation of marketing content, graphic design support, social media management, LinkedIn lead generation

You may be wondering why is my business called 'Agnes' Marketing when my name is Lindsey. Well, when I was a little girl my mum used to say to me "always do what you love and you'll never have to 'work' a day in your life". I took her advice and 30 years later I named my business after her. Welcome to Agnes.

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