Brand Voice Consultancy by Rin Hamburgh

Brand Voice Consultancy  by Rin Hamburgh
Rin Hamburgh
Rin Hamburgh
Rin Hamburgh & Co

Attract more of the right clients by building trust through consistency.

A clearly defined brand voice creates consistency that allows you to build trust with your audience. But as a business grows and more people contribute to its content, that voice can get watered down.

That’s why our brand voice package not only develops and defines an authentic and effective voice, language and messaging, but delivers a set of guidelines that can be used by anyone who creates content for your brand.

Our Brand Voice Guidelines package includes:

A day’s intensive workshop with key stakeholders in your company, led by Rin, to thoroughly explore and define the core elements that contribute to brand voice - including brand offering, personality and values, target audience, messaging and more.

A detailed report on the workshop session giving you a lasting record to refer back to and use within your marketing strategy.

A brand voice guideline document that can be shared internally and externally as needed.

You’ll get:

A chance to reflect on your brand offering, values and personality.

An opportunity to discuss and refine your client personas.

An understanding of how you can create more targeted and engaging content.

A consistent brand voice that will support effective marketing efforts.

An opportunity to involve your leadership team in your marketing strategy.
Rin Hamburgh
Rin Hamburgh
Rin Hamburgh & Co
I started my career in journalism and was lucky that the content marketing revolution meant my particular skills - storytelling, audience engagement, creative idea generation and so on - were soon in demand in the business world. From drawing out the heart of a brand's message to creating powerful headlines and calls to action that drive... well, action... I help businesses stand back and ask the question, "So what?" It's what separates indulgent copy from copy that hits the mark with target customers / clients and actually achieves a business goal. Quality and precision are central to everything I do and I have brought together a team of skilled professionals who have the same level of commitment to doing their jobs to the best of their ability every day. I'm also passionate about flexible working and wellbeing in the workplace and am 100% committed to making sure that I do everything in my power to ensure that Rin Hamburgh & Co is a great company to work for as well as with.

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