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30 05 2023
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01 06 2017

About Riya Jadhav

I am an entrepreneur, mentor, speaker & mum to boys. I have co-founded multiple businesses within the digital growth, property development and M&A verticals. I Love reading, watching football and F1 Racing.

My career started with a mentor by my side who guided me to become a Woman in Tech and to always believe in myself. Through mentoring, I want to extend my expertise and knowledge to all those women who do not have the right support or under value themselves.

Riya’s mentoring experience

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to grow both personally and professionally has always been my motive. I've been mentoring for just over 6 years at the Brunel University in West London, Peter Jones Mentoring Foundation and the Santander Women in Business Leaders.

How Riya can help your business

I work with business owners who are not tech-savvy and do not understand how to grow their business online successfully and profitably.

My aim is to help them visualise their business in three years' time, set actionable goals, identify the low-hanging fruits, and create an action plan that would help them implement the strategies to grow and scale their business significantly.

I specialise in business startup & growth strategies, e-commerce solutions, and scaling.


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