3 Month Mentoring Programme by Vhari Russell

3 Month Mentoring Programme  by Vhari Russell
Vhari Russell
Vhari Russell
Managing Director
The Food Marketing Experts

We want to help you leap forward with your business with a clear plan of how to make your marketing objectives work for your food and drink business. Our 3-month mentoring programme will help you:

  • find the answers to your marketing questions.

  • define your 2019 goals and discuss strategies.

  • get tips and advice on how to achieve your goals.

  • discuss your sales pipeline.

  • plan where you need to be seen in terms of events and networking.

£360.00 per month inc VAT - with the three months paid in advance.

Once you sign up to the programme you will receive the following:

  • Social media calendar

  • Show guide - must attendee food and drink events

  • Discounted social media comp on Simply Good Food TV £250 rather than £350.00

  • A onetime 10% discount code to attend Grub Club Cambridge event.

  • 90 minutes on the phone per month split into 2, 45 minutes call to discuss, advise a plan with an agreed agenda with topics such as Key Concerns, Sales pipeline, opportunities, new markets, social media activity, events and networking.

It couldn't be easier to get the ball rolling, simply open our PDF form, complete and save your details, then email it back to The Food Marketing Experts, we will then contact you to arrange your 3-month programme by telephone or Skype.

We have advised hundreds of businesses like yours, helping them to maximise growth, build brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Vhari Russell
Vhari Russell
Managing Director
The Food Marketing Experts
Life-long foodie, devoted to the food industry and renowned networking whirlwind. Founder of the Food Marketing Expert and Co-founder of Grub Club Cambridge.  Vhari is obsessed with helping producers get their products on retailers’ shelves and getting their products the sales, profile and coverage they deserve. Leaves no stone unturned. Foody facts: Quality control police for flavoursome tomatoes. Basil oil nut. Not averse to a peanut butter & cucumber sandwich (almost always with a gin and tonic). .

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