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17 01 2023
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31 01 2018

About Andrea Campbell

Andrea Campbell is a social entrepreneur, author, linguist, and inventor of special needs resources. Her multi-award-winning invention - The Pocket Learner is an educational development system comprising a range of resources that inspire and empower children with learning difficulties and their families. Building on her experience parenting a child with learning difficulties she addresses parent groups and associations, sharing her invention and inspiring them in the process.


In 2006 Andrea co-founded ACT Training Services to enable people to gain skills in order to secure employment. Over the years her company has trained over 8,000 people enabling them to gain qualifications and develop competencies that enhance their personal and professional repertoire. For 15 years she has run business and enterprise workshops supporting her clients to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. Based on her experience in this area she wrote the book "Practical Business ABC - a Guide for Budding Entrepreneurs".  


In 2013 Andrea co-founded Camptys Foundation which supports front-line organisations working with disabled children in developing countries, providing support for their learning, health and play. Her organisation has focused on children in the Caribbean and to date has provides support for children in 6 Caribbean countries.


Andrea is a public speaker and workshop facilitator in all things inspirational. She has written six non-fiction books in the fields of special needs education and creative thinking. She developed a unique creative problem-solving methodology based on her personal inspirational quotes 120 of which are documented in her book titled: Empowered. This creative problem-solving is her flagship programme; she uses this to empower people to use inspiration to think laterally in order to generate and identify alternative solutions. Her inspirational workshops are used in varying settings - education, business, places of worship, among others. Andrea has published 15 medium-content inspirational books.


Andrea has a flair for languages and is a qualified translator/interpreter with two master's degrees. She lives in London, UK with her family where she continues to impact through her writing, training programmes, and philanthropic activities.