1-2-1 Creative brainstorming by Darja Coko Mihajlovic

1-2-1 Creative brainstorming by Darja Coko Mihajlovic

Have you been thinking of numerous ways to impress your customers but nothing’s quite right?

How to increase brand awareness and raise sales? What to do to make your brand memorable?  

If you know that your store design needs a revamp, or you have some ideas that you would like to run by a design professional let’s book a session!

This is a great way to help you in the early stage of the process when you are defining your concept or as a late-minute tweak before opening.  

What does it include?

In this 60-minute 1-2-1 session, I will review any aspect of your design idea and give you comprehensive feedback through the eyes of the consumer. After learning about you and your brand, I will give you the directions to overcome the problems you are facing. Depending on the type of retail that you have in mind, I can review your storefront, the window displays, interior elements like flooring, fixtures, display placement, etc.

Design elements can be a powerful tool in attracting customers and creating a memorable experience, you should use it!   

Price of one session is £100.

I'm Darja, founder of DCM Designs. From my interior design studio in London, I create remarkable spaces that deliver on dreams. For me, the desires of a client are above everything else and it is my passion to re-imagine their vision. I have a multidisciplinary approach and focus on B2B, offering retail and pop-up store design services.

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