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Zellar: Sustainability made simple

Zellar: Sustainability made simple

Everything a small business needs to become sustainable - all in one place

Sustainability can seem complex and going sustainable may seem inaccessible with many feeling that they either lack the time, money or expertise to go greener. Zellar want to change this. Their mission is to make sustainability simple. 

Zellar are making climate action practical, affordable and accessible to business owners, accelerating their business towards Net Zero by 2030, and more by providing everything thats' needed to become sustainable in one easy-to-use platform. 

Zellar's journey has taken two years so far. They've had many rewarding, exciting and challenging experiences. They’ve taken their idea, their seed, and created the world’s first sustainability platform for SME’s. 

 The target is important, but how we get there more so. A successful Net Zero strategy is fuelled by data & requires an understanding and balancing of behavioural change, investments, reducing emissions & offsetting. These transformational journeys can be amplified to audiences through Zellar, helping businesses find, support and share these successes.   

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