Workshop; How fear of success can also be a barrier.

Workshop; How fear of success can also be a barrier.

In our previous edition of “Conversations for the Curious” we examined the fear of failure and why that often holds female would-be entrepreneurs back, in a way that isn’t so common in their male counterparts. In this “Conversation”, we examine how fear of success can also be a barrier. “If my business succeeds, I might have to employ people and be responsible for their salaries and mortgages.“ “How will I know who to turn to for advice and who to trust?” “I’m a researcher not an entrepreneur, how could I run a business?” Converge enterprise manager Dr Lissa Herron talks to serial entrepreneur and chair of Women’s Enterprise Scotland Lynne Cadenhead and Converge alumna Rebecca Pick of Pick Protection. They’ll discuss their individual entrepreneurial journeys and what they’ve learned along the way about what success looks and feels like. Join us for an informal conversation in a supportive safe space where there’s no such thing as the wrong answer or a stupid question.


Eligibility requirements

Females, Scotland


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