Transforming digital business for Black women entrepreneurs

Transforming digital business for Black women entrepreneurs
Natalia Nicholson
Natalia Nicholson
Women In Digital Business

I’m Natalia Nicholson, a dedicated pioneer at the forefront of digital business for Black women entrepreneurs. In collaboration with Enterprise Nation, we're embarking on a transformative journey – one that transcends traditional boundaries and welcomes you into a realm where empowerment, innovation and community converge.

Let's dive into an initiative that's not just a community but a catalyst for growth and success in the digital landscape.

The essence of community in digital triumph

In the ever-evolving world of digital business, the true essence of success lies beyond mere metrics and algorithms. It's found in the heartfelt stories of perseverance, the shared experiences of growth and the powerful bonds formed along the way.

This realisation was the seed from which Open Access grew – a platform designed to celebrate, support and elevate Black women in the digital business sphere.

Addressing unique challenges with tailored solutions

Black women entrepreneurs often navigate a landscape marked by two significant challenges: a scarcity of mentorship and a dearth of capital.

Despite these obstacles, their entrepreneurial spirit remains undiminished as evidenced by the rapid rate at which Black women launch businesses. Our initiative acknowledges these hurdles and presents targeted solutions, weaving these critical elements into the fabric of our mission.

Nurturing diversity and success amidst challenges

The digital domain is vast, yet Black women entrepreneurs frequently encounter unique barriers, such as a lack of mentors to guide them in understanding their target audience and a scarcity of capital, despite their fast rate of business creation.

Our solution

Our free online community, Open Access, is our beacon in this journey, offering a space where diversity is not just recognised but revered. Here, every member's voice contributes to our collective narrative, crafting a tapestry rich with varying perspectives and experiences.

We introduce targeted mentorship programmes and financial empowerment workshops to address these challenges head-on, ensuring every entrepreneur has the support they need to thrive.

Empowering through knowledge and connection

The path to mastery in digital business is complex with many entrepreneurs feeling isolated in their pursuit of knowledge and success.

Our solution

We bridge this gap through our partnership with Enterprise Nation, providing an exclusive suite of resources – masterclasses that challenge and inspire, podcasts like Spotlight Hustle that offer insights and motivation and a vibrant community where collaboration flourishes.

Elevating your journey with exclusive offers

Accessing premium resources can often be a barrier, limiting the growth and impact potential.

Our solution

Celebrating our launch and partnership with Enterprise Nation, we're excited to offer a lifetime Open Access membership for free to Enterprise Nation members.

This is a unique opportunity for you to access masterclasses, podcasts and a network of peers, aimed at enhancing their professional journey. We envision a world where black women entrepreneurs are celebrated, supported and empowered to scale new heights in the digital business landscape.

We see the vast potential waiting to be unlocked and are eager to provide the key.

Engage, transform and celebrate with us

To celebrate our collaboration and the relaunch, we are offering a £25 gift card to the first five members who join.

My experience in the digital business landscape has shown me the importance of community, diverse perspectives and shared knowledge. Open Access is a commitment to the success and legacy of every Black woman entrepreneur, providing the necessary mentorship to ensure a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Your story is ours and together, we'll achieve success, innovation and empowerment.

Ready to take up this opportunity? Join the Open Access community.

Natalia Nicholson
Natalia Nicholson
Women In Digital Business
I TRANSFORM WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESSES TO APPLY DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION TO GROW THEIR BUSINESS TO 7 FIGURES & BEYOND I’m a wife, a proud mother of 3 children and I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years. To be honest, I fell into where I am today by accident. I started with an online multi-culture bookstore that went bankrupt. It was horrible, but I tried again and started a cleaning business which was successful, but it was through this that I realised that I still wasn’t content with just making money. I needed a purpose to go with my success. I then got into corporate training working with big brands such as Google, BT, Godiva Chocolatier and Government Agencies to mention a few. This suited my new lifestyle of having children and my love for talking, however, I soon realised my passion was business. I loved being an entrepreneur. So, I went to China and designed my own range of candles and then learned how to sell online. That’s what took me everywhere from reading books, taking courses and attending summits worldwide. All that education brought me into creating my own digital marketing training that was tried and tested on my own business and businesses that I had worked with through coaching and training. As a result, NN Inspirational Candles lit up the way into my teaching Women how to set up digitally and sell online to intentionally make 6 to 7 figures using a strategic system that works! ONLINE SELLING OR CHANGING YOUR BUSINESS MODEL FOR THE DIGITAL AGE IS NOT HARD WHEN YOU KNOW-HOW! LACK OF CONFIDENCE, CAPITAL AND RESOURCES ENDS NOW! IT’S TIME TO REJECT YOUR FEAR OF FAILURE ANDSTART YOUR ONLINE DIGITAL BUSINESS STORY WITH ME TODAY!

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