Scarborough: Business expansion grants

Scarborough: Business expansion grants

Expansion grants are aimed at assisting both existing businesses that may be looking to strengthen their market position or expand into new markets, and new businesses attracted into the area. The maximum amount of grant assistance is up to £5,000 to any one concern in any one financial year.

The grant is primarily targeted at revenue schemes rather than capital projects and will be based on a specific need being identified through the development of a business plan and evidence of job creation.

Priorities and objectives

  • New jobs created
  • Increased educational attainment
  • Enhance cultural provision
  • Diversify the economic base of the area
  • Enhance the tourism sector to increase visitor expenditure
  • Target action within economically and socially disadvantaged areas
  • Reduction in welfare dependency
  • Enhance environment
  • Improve connectivity/create technologically smart towns
  • Improve skills and educational attainment

Eligibility requirements

  • Business within Scarborough, Whitby and Filey
  • You may only apply for assistance under either the business start-up or business expansion scheme
  • Any grant awarded will be for 50% of expenditure within the limits of the grant amount. For example, if you are awarded a grant of £500, you would need to spend £1000 to claim back the £500 grant
  • Grants are claimed back retrospectively by submitting receipts or invoices and copies of bank statements detailing the eligible expenditure
  • Applicants with outstanding liabilities to North Yorkshire Council cannot be considered for a business grant
  • Grants are awarded at the absolute discretion of the business development grant panel 
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