Rebel Business School Business course

Rebel Business School Business course
Helen Ashby
Broxbourne Council

When co-founder Alan Donegan went to a traditional business support service to get help with his business idea, the experience almost put him off starting a business. And he doesn’t mind us saying he is white, middle-class, private school educated, has loads of ideas, is very resource full, and has a supportive family. If the traditional approach puts this guy off, imagine what it does for the rest of us!

Alan wanted to set up an alternative business school that was the complete opposite of traditional business schools. To become the only one in the world where you could earn back the cost of tuition in the first few months of attending and instead of paying £25K+ for a piece of paper, you actually make money and leave the school experience with a trading business. They explored sponsorship opportunities with IBM and looked at a couple of buildings but quickly realised that the size of the investment needed meant that they would need money to start.

Everything you need to know

10 Days with a new subject every weekday.

Monday 21 March – Friday 1 April 2022

Online via Zoom

10am – 3pm (AM: 10:00 – 12:30) (PM: 13:30 – 15:00)

The course is live, there is no recording but we will send out written course summaries via email.
Please block out the time in your diary.

Free (Yes, really!)


Eligibility requirements

Start ups and small businesses

Helen Ashby
Broxbourne Council

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