Property advice service

Property advice service
Deryck Sealy
Deryck Sealy
London Business Partnership Ltd

One-stop-shop advice supporting London SMEs and potential entrepreneurs so that they are more knowledgeable and aware of commercial property issues.

Areas of focus

  • Budgeting planning and finance forecast
  • Searching for / opening or closing premises
  • Applying and/or challenging business rates, business rate reliefs
  • New or renewal of leases, license agreements
  • Negotiation with landlords and how
  • Understanding and learning about regulation, Acts
  • Commercial property finance
  • Buying/renting and selling commercial properties
  • Commercial property fit out
  • Energy and fuel savings/strategies

Pro bono advice through University of Law students and volunteer lawyers through a provision of:

  1. A one-to-one session is offered with expertise in the requested field to deal immediately with the issue. When a number of clients share the same issue, a group session is offered
  2. Masterclasses and webinars that cover a range of commercial property topics:
    • Advice on how to navigate rent negotiations with your landlord
    • Handling talks with your local authority on issues, such as moving forward a change in planning use class and business rates
    • How to use arbitration services to break an impasse in rent negotiations with your landlord
    • Advice on how to negotiate an exit from a current lease/license commitment
  3. Pro bono service*: University of Law could provide pro bono services to certain clients, *(please check availability and dates with the team)
  4. Energy saving advice: Delivered by specialist consultants in this field
  5. Referral to various other services that deal with commercial property including finding new premises
  6. Online guidance and information
Deryck Sealy
Deryck Sealy
London Business Partnership Ltd

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