Peer Power – Give your Business a Boost

Peer Power – Give your Business a Boost
Darren Moss
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

Peer Power Networks bring together a group of up to 10 like-minded Essex business leaders who want to grow their business. In your group you will confidentially share with non-competing businesses your own challenges, knowledge, experience, and successes in order to learn from each other to solve common issues. The group will have the support of an experienced facilitator to organise each session.
Peer Power Networks are structured over 5 x 2 hour virtual group sessions, plus 2 hours of individual 1-1 sessions. The sessions will normally be held every other week, and the Facilitator will organise each session to make sure it covers the topics which as a group you have decided you want to delve into in depth, with the input from appropriate experts as needed.

These 5 sessions could cover any of the key business issues you and your group require, including business strategy, achieving more sales, marketing planning, recruitment and retention, leadership skills, e-commerce, financial planning, etc., etc.

While on the programme you will get access to training workshops and also a 2 hour 1-1 mentoring session. All the support is all FREE as it is provided under the South East Business Boost (SEBB) programme with the objective of helping Essex based businesses to grow, be more innovative and more sustainable for the longer term.

Being EU funded there are a few eligibility requirements.

Click here to find out if your business is eligible and to apply to join the programme

Eligibility requirements

Your business needs to be:
Located in the Essex, Southend, or Thurrock Local Authority Areas.
Employ less than 250 employees in total.
Have a turnover less than €50 million.
Have a balance Sheet less than €43 million.
Not have had State Aid of €200,000 or more in the last 3 fiscal years.
Not have received support from the previous SEBB programme (either a grant, 12 hours of one to one mentoring or 12 hours attendance at workshops).
Not be in one the following business sectors:
Fishery and Aquaculture Agriculture
Steel and Shipbuilding
Synthetic Fibres
State Funded Education and Health
Banking and Insurance

Darren Moss
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

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