Tuesday 21st May 2024

Peabody Business Forum

Peabody Business Forum
Peabody (Peabody Community Foundation)

Date:Tue 21st May 2024
Time:16:00 - 18:30

The Peabody Business Forum is a learning, engagement and networking event hosted by the Peabody Economic Inclusion team as part of our support to local businesses and SMEs across our communities. 

The event, which runs monthly, brings together business owners, strategic partners and business support experts to share insights on a theme or topic of interest to businesses. 

The sessions are usually quite informal to foster an environment where aspiring and existing business owners can network and access tools and tips to help them grow and scale their businesses. 

The sessions, though free to attend, are usually very warm, inviting, engaging and open to all as long as you aged over 18. 

We invite you to come join us at one of the forum sessions. 

Peabody (Peabody Community Foundation)

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