Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership: Skills for growth

Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership: Skills for growth

Schools and colleges will break up for summer soon. However, there is still time to work with students and raise the profile of your business.

Get in touch to access opportunities such as career fairs, apprenticeship support, temporary staff recruitment and delivery of mock interviews.

How could your business benefit from engaging with this programme?

1. To increase productivity and growth

By strengthening the connection between education and the specific needs of your business, you can take on a skilled workforce contributing to the expansion of your business.

2. To embrace diversity and inclusion

An opportunity to engage with young people from different backgrounds who may not have considered a job in your sector before.

3. To future-proof your workforce

Early engagement with young people can help increase awareness of your business and sector, helping you to attract future talent and develop a long-term talent pipeline.

4. To generate new business opportunities

Social responsibility and business engagement in local communities is viewed favourably by potential clients and can help you build stronger relationships and attract new suppliers, customers and clients.

5. To save money

Developing the young talent that you need to grow, rather than paying for expensive recruitment fees.

6. To future-proof your business

Upskilling staff to help them perform their jobs better, increase their productivity and fill any skills gaps that the organisation may have. This may help to improve morale across your business.

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