HubSpot: The smart CRM that scales as your start-up grows

HubSpot: The smart CRM that scales as your start-up grows

Gone are the days of messy spreadsheets and scattered data. With HubSpot's Smart CRM, you can easily store and manage contact information, track interactions, and keep a log of all your communication.

Summary of the tool

Smart CRM takes it a step further by providing you with valuable insights and analytics. Gain a better understanding of your customers' behaviours, preferences and needs. Armed with this information, you can tailor your marketing efforts and give your leads and customers a more personalised experience.

Not only that, but Smart CRM seamlessly integrates with other HubSpot tools, like its marketing and sales hubs. This means you have a unified platform to streamline your marketing, sales and customer service. Talk about convenience!

How it can help your business

HubSpot's Smart CRM is a game-changer for any business, big or small, looking to level up its customer relationship management. Give it a try and watch your business thrive!

Save 30% on all the tools you need to increase leads, accelerate sales and streamline your customer service. You can save 30% off in Year 1 and 15% off in Year 2 ongoing.

Learn more and apply now

Transform your sales and marketing strategies with HubSpot Academy's Inbound Sales and Marketing Certification Courses here.

Terms and conditions of the offer

HubSpot for Startups pricing is applicable to net-new Professional or Enterprise level products. Starter level products are excluded, unless bundled with qualifying Professional or Enterprise purchases or upgrades. Customers may not apply the startup programme pricing to existing subscriptions of any level.

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