Go Set Up programme

Go Set Up programme
Amanda McLoughlin
Amanda McLoughlin
Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

If you are thinking about starting a business, the Go Set Up programme will help you with planning, getting set up, marketing, funding and finance.

It will provide advice and guidance from a team of experienced start-up advisers who will detail the key foundations of a successful and sustainable business.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is aimed at pre-start-ups:

  • participants who want to start a business and are already taking steps to do so
  • participants who are transitioning from a current business into a new start-up 
  • participants wanting to move back into the workforce

What does the programme offer?

A series of Go Set Up workshops will be run by a qualified business adviser and cover the core essentials of how to set up a business, including:

  • business objectives
  • the market and marketing
  • legal aspects
  • set-up costs
  • pricing
  • financial forecasting
  • relationships to banks/funding

After each workshop, the participants will be introduced to the Go Set Up Business Model Canvas (BMC) and provided with guidance on its completion. The Business Model Canvas is a business tool used to visualise, on a single page, all the building blocks that need to be considered if you are starting a business. Participants who complete their BMC will be offered an online review of their submission by a qualified business adviser.

Eligibility requirements

To join the programme, you will need to be living or based in the borough of Kingston, studying full-time, or primarily planning to work in the borough. A Best-Endeavours Commitment Form will need to be completed in advance before joining the programme.

Amanda McLoughlin
Amanda McLoughlin
Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

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