Gain while you train

Gain while you train
Michael Spooner
Michael Spooner
M A Spooner Ltd

At M A Spooner Ltd, we emphasise the pivotal role of training and development in unlocking the full potential of our delegates and clients. We encourage investing in personal and business growth to align with strategic objectives, drive excellent performance, and achieve job satisfaction, all while realising aspirations. We understand that development is an ongoing process, especially for business owners and managers adapting to change.

Training is a crucial investment for enhancing performance, fostering innovation, and ensuring business success. Our courses are meticulously designed to impart practical knowledge, supported by case studies and group work.

We emphasise applying learnt concepts, enhancing skills, and acquiring additional knowledge to drive tangible improvements in your business growth.

Gain while you train programme overview:

  • Management by results
  • A winning strategy for growth
  • Anyone can be an entrepreneur
  • Planning for your business success
  • Financing your business venture
  • Attracting profitable customers
  • Innovate to succeed
Our programme combines academic and theoretical models with practical application, case studies, and exercises. It focuses on your personal development and management practice.

Each programme accommodates only 20 businesses, offering a valuable opportunity for monthly networking with like-minded individuals over a six-month period.

The interactive programme encourages progress presentations at key development stages, providing feedback from the group and individual feedback from the principal trainer. You will receive documented action plans from each course, which you can combine to create a tailored action programme to support your business objectives.

Michael Spooner
Michael Spooner
M A Spooner Ltd

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