DIGIVET is an Erasmus+ project. Developing entrepreneurial mind-sets

DIGIVET is an Erasmus+ project. Developing entrepreneurial mind-sets
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DIGIVET is an Erasmus+ project, which, in the long term, will provide an innovative solution to the EU’s declared challenge of improving levels of digital skills amongst VET educators.

The Europe 2020 Strategy recognises entrepreneurship and self-employment as key for achieving smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth.

  • Lack of awareness of the potential for entrepreneurship among role models results in a lack of encouragement or even a negative social attitude
  • Education and training programmes generally do not do enough to nurture entrepreneurial attitudes and skills
  • Lack of prior work and entrepreneurship experience is detrimental to business start-up and entrepreneurship performance
  • Limited business networks and business-related social capital have consequences for business start-up and obtaining legitimacy
  • Gender bias/inequality

What we are doing:

  • Creating a VET digital curriculum focusing on developing entrepreneurial mind-sets (e.g. recognising and acting on an opportunity)
  • By encouraging attitudinal changes, DIGIVET will promote the following entrepreneurial qualities:Skills and attitudes: women may have the determination and enthusiasm to run a business but may not have the appropriate skills-set and leadership qualities
    Meta-qualities: to be developed through action learning sets; developing the ability of learning-to-learn; and identifying self-weaknesses for subsequent development.

We are linking with VET educators and trainers who can engage with women who are furthest from the labour market.

We will use non-formal education methods to train 24 VET trainers/educators, from the UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Romania.

Eligibility requirements

Small business owners, women entrepreneurs, trainers,

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