Friday 7th Jun 2024

Creating videos with your phone

Creating videos with your phone
Gareth James
Gareth James
Clockwork Eye Video Training

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Date:Fri 7th Jun 2024 - Fri 21st Jun 2024
Time:11:00 - 13:00

This workshop is broken down into three two-hour sessions over three weeks.

You will learn:

  • Video dynamics: Understand how video works and how to engage your audience
  • Equipment: Choose the right equipment
  • Planning: Set the stage for a smooth and successful shoot
  • Framing: Compose your shots
  • Audio and its importance: Capture clear and professional sound
  • Lighting: Master techniques for lighting your videos
  • Camera confidence: Deliver your message with poise and presence
  • Cutaways: Enhance your storytelling with strategic cuts

Use code EN20 for a 20% discount. Start creating videos for your business today.

Gareth James
Gareth James
Clockwork Eye Video Training
I'm a firm believer in the power of video for businesses. I'm also a firm believer that everyone can create their own video content given the right support and guidance Which is why I created the Video Creators Club. Creating and using video will enhance your marketing efforts and elevate your social media presence. It's the ultimate "Show and Tell" medium. 🎥 You can create a range of videos for your business: ✔ Video Blogs ✔ Demonstrations ✔ Helpful Hints & Tips ✔ Informative Tutorials ✔ Support for Products & Services ✔ Exclusive Client Videos ✔ Compelling Promotions ✔ Engaging Presentations ✔ And the possibilities are endless! But it's not just about having videos; it's about seamlessly integrating them into your marketing and social media strategy. If you're ready to boost your marketing and capture the attention of your target audience, reach out to me today at 01535 517077 or via email at, and let's discuss how I can assist you. If you would like to get to grips with creating and using video, why not consider our Video Creators Club which has everything you need to get started using video in your business.

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