Conversations for the Curious: “But what if I fail?”

Conversations for the Curious: “But what if I fail?”

Fear of failure is often cited as a barrier for women thinking about starting their own business.  And while more women than ever are becoming entrepreneurs, research suggests that if women started up and scaled new businesses at the same rate as men, then up to £250bn of new value could be added to the UK economy.

How can we re-define our notion of what success or failure looks like and gain the courage to take the leap?

This conversation for the curious, hosted by Women in Enterprise Scotland chair Lynne Cadenhead pairs Converge enterprise manager Dr Lissa Herron with Converge 2020 winner Genevieve Patenaude, to unpick the actual and perceived barriers to success experienced by  women entrepreneurs.

Lissa will share her experience as an academic entrepreneur and how that experience has led to her advising and encouraging other would-be business founders in her role at Converge, a job she claims is the ‘best job she ever had’. Meanwhile Genevieve’s spin-out EarthBlox continues to go from strength to strength (stats required), despite the several challenges she faces as a female entrepreneur.

Join us for an informal conversation in a supportive safe space where pre-conceived ideas can be challenged and, to quote Susan Jeffers, we understand that ”You’re not a failure if you don’t make it.  You’re a success because you tried.”


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