Competition analysis

Competition analysis

Ascents Group's competition analysis service is a strategic asset for any business owner looking to sharpen their market edge.

Our service provides deep insights into your competitors, helping you understand their strategies and uncover key opportunities for your business to stand out. We focus on empowering you with the knowledge and expertise required to enhance your business modeling, customer acquisition and build a robust marketing foundation for your business, unlocking performances.

By partnering with Ascents Group, you'll not only navigate the competitive landscape more effectively but also position your company for sustainable growth and success.

Interested individuals and businesses are eligible for a FREE 30-minute consultation.

Anne-Sophie is the visionary Founder and Managing Director of The Ascents Group, bringing over 15 years of global strategy and marketing expertise. With a history of propelling startups, SMEs, and FTSE 200 companies to new heights, she excels in developing innovative brand-building strategies and groundbreaking marketing campaigns on TV, online, social media. Anne-Sophie is an esteemed board member, mentor, with a deep knowledge of FMCG, Consumer Health, and Retail, dedicated to fostering growth

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