Monday 22nd Aug 2022

business.connected: How to build a unique and profitable e-commerce store

business.connected: How to build a unique and profitable e-commerce store
Ọgọ Ogbata
Ọgọ Ogbata
Creativity and Sense Consulting

Date:Monday 22nd Aug 2022
Time:13:00 - 13:30

business.connected: How to build a unique and profitable e-commerce store

In this free 30 minute business.connected workshop, digital expert, Ogo Ogbata will offer key insights into how you can create an e-commerce store. 
Session takeaways include: 
  • Why creating an e-commerce store can benefit your business.
  • The elements of your business that can make your store unique.
  • Top tips to make your e-commerce store profitable.

During the workshop, you'll also have the chance to ask Ogo any e-commerce questions.

How to join the workshop: Once you have registered to attend the workshop, you will be sent an email confirmation containing a link to join the workshop via Zoom. Please use this link around the time of the event to join.

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About business.connected  

Enterprise Nation are partnering with Vodafone Business to equip 150,000 small and medium businesses with the digital skills they need to take their operations to the next level.  
The free training programme – delivered exclusively online, and consisting of workshops, webinars and e-learning modules – will empower businesses to kickstart digital change, adopt new technology, and stay safe online.  

For more information, visit the business.connected support hub. 
Ọgọ Ogbata
Ọgọ Ogbata
Creativity and Sense Consulting
Are you fed up with business as usual? Ready to create the life and business you want without the pain and cost of unnecessary trial and error? I'm Ogo (pronounced or-gore) and I help forward thinking entrepreneurs, service based business owners and experts to differentiate and grow their business using creative, out of the box thinking across the board. From Idea Generation, Clarity/Strategy Development, to Process Improvement and Implementation, Creativity can unlock amazing results for you! Working with a team of associates to provide a range of consulting and business support services that accelerate your results gives me a big buzz. With over 10 years of global industry experience, I have helped dozens of clients in over 5 countries solve their leadership and marketing problems - generating ROI from 50 to 500% and saving precious time, energy and money. In a world filled with uncertainty, Creativity is needed more than ever and impact is what truly matters. I know the struggles, the trial and error, the expense and pain of trying to create success that works for you even though not many people may understand you! So after launching The Creativity, Impact and Profit Summit and interviewing top business leaders globally, I created The FLOW To Profit Framework (a methodology for creating more impact and income in 90 days or less). => Get The FLOW To Profit Framework for FREE Here! Did you know that LinkedIn Learning recently voted Creativity as the single most important skill in the world for you to have henceforth? This is because anything that can be automated has been automated or soon will be. Artificial Intelligence, Apps and Robots are taking over work which does not require original thinking and your livelihood could be at risk. The good news? People who have received even a minimal amount of training on Creative Thinking, generated 350% more problem solving ideas than before! Featured as a top voice on The Independent on Sunday, a guest expert on various BBC World Service programs as well as speaking at a live seminar at Bush House, The Strand – London (alongside renowned analysts, leaders and ambassadors), I'm the author of several books plus a variety of thought leadership insight in media such as The Independent Blog, Training Journal and Training Zone. A Computer Science Grad, I hold HR Management Certification in Business Mentoring and Coaching from the award winning University of Northampton Business School. I'm also a Board Member and Business Growth Consultant for The Europe - India Chamber of Commerce. Want to explore synergy or enquire about how to kick start results? Send me a private message via I look forward to supporting you!

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