Brand and marketing strategy

Brand and marketing strategy

Ascents Group's brand and marketing strategy service empowers business owners to profoundly enhance their brand's market position.

By refining your brand identity and tailoring marketing strategies, we help you connect effectively with your target audience, boosting customer engagement and loyalty. Partnering with us ensures your business benefits from strategic insights that drive growth, improve market visibility and elevate overall performance. 

Our mission is simple – to help businesses thrive. We equip our clients with tried and tested methodologies from top FTSE FMCG players to help smaller businesses fuel growth. 

The secret sauce to your success lies in our coalition of elite marketers  100% diverse in skills and backgrounds, with a wealth of insights into your industry and expertise having worked with renowned household names and giants like Accenture, Google and Meta, now made accessible to your business!

Interested individuals and businesses are eligible for a FREE 30 to 45-minute consultation.

Let us help you Ascend to the top of your game! 

Anne-Sophie is the visionary Founder and Managing Director of The Ascents Group, bringing over 15 years of global strategy and marketing expertise. With a history of propelling startups, SMEs, and FTSE 200 companies to new heights, she excels in developing innovative brand-building strategies and groundbreaking marketing campaigns on TV, online, social media. Anne-Sophie is an esteemed board member, mentor, with a deep knowledge of FMCG, Consumer Health, and Retail, dedicated to fostering growth

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