Autism at Work Programme

Autism at Work Programme

The programme, in association with the Bloomfield Trust, aims to increase the number of autistic people in sustainable paid employment.

This is done by making employers aware of autistic talent and the benefits of a truly neurodiverse workforce. It supports employers to attract, recruit and retain autistic employees.

The programme promotes accessible roles to autistic job seekers via its networks and supports applicants through the recruitment process. It then offers ongoing coaching support to successful candidates and to their managers, creating the best possible conditions for success.

The programme provides training and consultancy to support you at every step of the recruitment process so that you can be confident that you provide an inclusive experience for autistic applicants and future employees. A tailored and ongoing job coach and engagement manager support will be provided to both the candidate and employer to ensure the offer is flexible to everyone’s needs and promotes confidence and independence.

Benefits of hiring a diverse workforce

Each autistic person will bring their own unique skills and experience to work placements. Here is a list of some additional skills and abilities that you may benefit from when hiring a more diverse workforce:

  • different perspective
  • excellent attention to detail
  • strong technical skills
  • methodical and logical
  • identifying things that might be missed by others
  • creative thinking
  • problem-solving
  • new skills and insights
  • enormous quantities of determination and tenacity

What do you get?

  • Employers: Recruitment support, training, consultancy and workplace support and resources.
  • Candidates: Pre-employment training, workplace support, job coaching training and moving on
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