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Able Futures
Simon Tansell-Brown
Able Futures (Ingeus Limited)

Able Futures is a nationwide specialist partnership set up to provide the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service in England, Scotland and Wales on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions. Ingeus has been delivering this service for almost five years now and recently has been awarded an extension of the contract for an additional four years. 

We have been working alongside organisations from every sector imaginable, however, with the new contract, our focus and drive will be ensuring that all micro, small and medium businesses are aware of this incredible resource and feel they can access, utilise and share it whenever is required. Whether you have one employee or 100, Able Futures is the no-cost mental health resource for you!

Able Futures delivers the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service which can give you a mental health professional to talk to about whatever is playing on your mind at work.

There’s no charge to use the service and over nine months of support from Able Futures can help you build self-care and wellbeing routines, tackle issues, feel better and learn new ways to manage your mental health throughout the ups and downs of life. 

If you are experiencing issues, such as anxiety, depression, grief, or stress, or are struggling to deal with problems, such as debt, disrupted sleep or relationship breakdowns that may be affecting your mental health, Able Futures could give you support from a mental health professional who will help you make a plan to help your mental health, so you can feel better and have more good days.

Support from Able Futures is available over the phone, via face-to-face appointments or through email/video calls at a time to suit you. It’s a completely confidential service and Able Futures won’t inform your employer, your colleagues, family or friends that you have accessed the service.

If you feel you could benefit from some support with your mental health and wellbeing, call Able Futures on 0800 321 3137.

Key facts

  • Nine months of confidential, no-cost advice, guidance and support from mental health professionals to help you cope with work while you manage a mental health condition, such as anxiety, depression or stress
  • The service is not counselling but is a confidential, nine-month, resilience-building support service for employees whose circumstances or mental health may affect their wellbeing or work performance
  • Able Futures gives every individual who needs support access to a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (VRC) who is a qualified mental healthcare professional and works as a coach to give practical support, advice and guidance to people across England, Scotland and Wales
  • VRCs are often members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy or have trained and practised as psychologists, counsellors and occupational therapists to support people experiencing issues that affect their mental health
  • There’s no waiting list and employees do not need to have a diagnosed condition. Employees can also be contractor/temporary/agency staff/furloughed/off-sick/on maternity/paternity/adoption leave
  • The support is also available to employee partners/family members (age 16+) who are employed or self-employed
  • Some examples of circumstances Able Futures can support include anxiety, depression, sleep, assertiveness, concerns about wellbeing at work due to COVID-19 and stress (work-related and non-work-related) to name a few
  • The service complements existing wellbeing strategies, for example, Able Futures refers participants to utilise their Employee Assistance Programme or can support them in obtaining counselling/therapies
  • Able Futures is a Department of Work and Pensions funded support service to support employee mental health. Ingeus deliver the service on behalf of the DWP
  • Already have an EAP programme in place? Not to worry at all, what works for one employee may not work for another. Able Futures offers a different style of mental health support which gives your staff the option to choose what best suits their needs. EAP programmes usually offer six sessions worth of support, whereas Able Futures offers support over a longer period of time and can be a less intrusive option. Counselling usually focuses on the past, whereas Able Futures focuses on your present and building knowledge and tools to work towards a healthier future version of yourself

Eligibility requirements

Open to individuals:

  • Aged 16 or over and in paid employment: self-employed, temporary or permanent, and apprentices
  • Attending work or off sick or have a start date or offer of employment
  • Having problems managing their mental health, diagnosed or not 
  • Issues they are experiencing having an impact at work – motivation, focus, punctuality, attendance, relationship with colleagues etc
Simon Tansell-Brown
Able Futures (Ingeus Limited)

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