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Brexit: small business advice and help

Advice and independent insight into what small firms and self-employed individuals need to do to prepare for Brexit.


Our Brexit Advice Service is designed to offer advice and independent insight into what small firms and self-employed individuals, that have dealings with the EU27 nations, need to start to consider as we hurtle towards Brexit.

While we still can’t deliver exact regulatory changes, the Brexit planning tool will be able to help you create a checklist for your own business so that you can plan for different scenarios and work out what adjustments should be considered a priority.


As part of this service, you can connect with an adviser and receive useful links and insight that we've gathered connected to your specific situation. You will also get up-to-date news and features produced by independent influencers and experts.

Once the final Brexit deal is known, we will adjust our own information and deliver the detail on specific regulation and how it will affect your company.


Topics covered are: Intellectual Property, Accounting, Sales, Tech and People.


Brexit Planning Tool


If you trade with EU27 countries or countries the EU has free trade agreements with, you may feel frustrated that there is no clarity around the regulatory changes that will affect your business.

Please use this tool to help you work out the issues you should be prepared to deal with and produce a checklist and plan so that when the regulation is finally agreed, your business will not have to deal with any nasty shocks.

In order to make the most of this tool, you will need to answer all the questions and read the information supplied.

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Brexit Planning Tool

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