Plan it with purpose

What is Plan it with Purpose?

Plan it with Purpose is designed to help owners of small and medium-sized businesses develop a better understanding of environmental and social issues in the UK.

By providing tailored resources, action plans and recommendations, and highlighting role models people can relate to, Plan it with Purpose aims to encourage business owners to consider the impact of what they do and make positive changes for the future.

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Why are these issues important?

Concerns over climate change have grown significantly. The UK government has pledged to cut the nation's carbon emissions and reach net zero by 2050.

According to research by the British Business Bank, small and medium-sized businesses are responsible for a third of the UK's emissions. Despite this, many are yet to take action to address their effect on the environment.

This is where Plan it with Purpose comes in – we provide the support businesses need to make a difference.

What is the sustainability discovery tool?

The tool asks a series of questions about your business. Once you've answered them, you get a tailored action plan with information detailing where to find the support, resources and advice you need to be more sustainable.

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