Your “Personal Pitch” is really important to convincing people to buy from you

Your “Personal Pitch” is really important to convincing people to buy from you
Rachael Howourth
Rachael HowourthFounder, DirectorMy Sales Mentor

Posted: Tue 10th Aug 2021

We tend to deliver our “Personal Pitches” when networking in our business communities and other times in everyday life. It works in basically any situation when you’re explaining what you do. 

I want to start by emphasising that it is the emotional side of the brain that decides whether someone is going to buy from you. 

It all hinges on whether your potential client knows you, likes you and trusts you.

When it comes to making a techy purchase like a car or TV you tend to assess the purchase logically but, even then, the final decision is an emotional one.

So, when you're delivering your “Personal Pitch” the know, like and trust factor has got to be present. 

When I delivered mine as an Instagram Live pitch to my community, I was sat in my garden, not really caring that I had scruffy hair, with a glass of champers, because I was embracing all of those things. I embrace those things because I know that it's the emotional side of your brain that's going to prefer to watch me over the logical, rational side.

If I was trying to tap into logical thinking I would’ve been sat trying to be all perfect at my laptop, pretending I'm in the office, but instead I was in the garden enjoying myself. 

Have confidence in what you’re saying

Now, when you deliver your “I am” or your “I help” statement, the first thing you’ve got to be aware of is that it has to sound like YOU believe it!

You have to deliver it in a confident and compelling way. You have to sound totally committed to who you are and what you do. Because only then will your audience feel that compulsion to move forward with you. 

So if I said to you “Hi I'm….I'm Rachael, I'm a sales…well I guess…I’m a sales and business coach and I help...I help...probably...coaches…” if I sound like that, you’re going to think “erm does she even know who she is or what she does?!”.

When I actually introduce myself I say: “Hi, I’m Rachael. I’m a sales and business coach. I’m based in Devon in the UK. And, I work with online coaches and online experts to really help them to grow their business. I help them to do that by building out their business model, packages, pricing, getting their sales and marketing right and helping them to win clients.” 

Now practice your version of that.

Adjust your pitch for your audience

I don’t read my “Personal Pitch” verbatim. If I did it’d sound wooden and fake and no one's going to believe that either!   

Say it from the heart and with confidence.

Who is it that you help? What do you help them with? And what is the result? 

So the formula for your “Personal Pitch” is usually something along the lines of…

“I help [insert job title] to achieve [insert the result that you deliver] so that they can [insert emotional outcome or financial gain].”

So if you’re a mindset coach, you’d say…

“I help female entrepreneurs to achieve the mindset that they need to help propel them in their business.” 

To use another example, when I’m talking to clients about my Online Sales Confidence Accelerator, I can confidently say that “I help online coaches to achieve sales success so that they can win their first or next five clients.”    

Now admittedly, it’s harder to define the immediate financial outcome if you’re something like a Mindset Coach or Leadership Coach. In that case, you’ll need to really nail and define what the emotional outcome is for your client in a tangible way. 

So, I’m going to ask you, what tweaks do you need to make to your “Personal Pitch”? Are you starting from scratch? Or does it just need refining?

Send me a message by connecting with my Enterprise Nation profile if you want to share your “Personal Pitch” and get some advice.

Rachael Howourth
Rachael HowourthFounder, DirectorMy Sales Mentor
Hi, I'm Rachael and I'm on a mission to help coaches, consultants and online course creators to build and scale their business, so that they can celebrate sellout program launches and create passive income streams. As a sales mentor and business strategist (with 25 years experience), I get so much joy from enabling fellow online entrepreneurs to scale to 6 figures and beyond through strategy, training and coaching.  And I provide everyone in my network with free resources in my Members' Zone, which you can access for free here. The online coaching and course creation industry is so vast and still growing, and so there's a huge opportunity for you to create impact in the world by sharing and monetising your expertise.  I work with ladies all over the world, helping them to build a powerful online brand to support their business and enable them to attract clients with ease and confidence. I help my clients to; - Build a business model to start, grow and scale an online coaching business - Create a profitable online course, program or membership and launch it successfully - Attract new clients through the use of magnetic social media and online sales systems - Design high conversion funnels to achieve reliable enrolment into your programs and courses - Set and achieve high ticket income goals and build a passive, evergreen strategy for growth - Scale up their business, embracing a CEO Mindset and outsourcing for long term success   Here's some of the programs I offer; 🌟 Powerful 1 hour session to Build a 100k Business Model $127 👩🏼‍🎓 Authentic Sales Success School - a sales-focussed membership 👸🏼 Online Sales Confidence Accelerator - 5 week program 💰 Profit Project Program - 12 week program 🔮 Beyond the Next Level Mastermind - launching July 2021 💎 Attracting Clients with Ease - 1:1 Coaching Program for 12 weeks 💎 1:1 Coaching Program 6mth and 12mth If you're a coach or cousre creator with big ambitions, I'd love to speak with you.   Here's a bit more information about me as a person;   MY VALUES 🌟honesty 🌟integrity 🌟simplicity 🌟empowerment    I BELIEVE 🆙 We rise by lifting others  ✳️ Facilitation is a lifelong transferable skill 🆘 When business feels hard, stick to simple  ✅ Control the controllables, let go of the noise   WHO AM I REALLY? 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Collaborator & Community Builder 🌱 Always learning & growing 📝 Sales Strategist for simple success  🔮 Eternal Optimist 😇 Your New Biz Bestie   I'd love to meet you - you can book a Personal Breakthrough Call here

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