Write a personal bio that will attract clients on Enterprise Nation

Write a personal bio that will attract clients on Enterprise Nation

Posted: Tue 15th Mar 2022

Your bio is an important part of introducing yourself to potential clients on Enterprise Nation. It’s a conversation starter; a digital introduction. And it’s one of the first things small business owners see when viewing your profile – so being memorable is vital.  

Here are our top tips for creating a adviser bio that will really stand out.

Be concise 

Small business owners are notoriously time-poor. So while it’s important to establish your credibility, a bio weighed down by extraneous details can quickly become dull.

Use the first or second sentence to state explicitly what it is you do. That’s the best way to hook your readers. And be sure to include only information that’s essential and interesting.  

It’s a good idea to include your years of experience, why you chose to pursue your particular area of expertise, and why you enjoy working with small businesses.  

One hundred and fifty words is enough to give your audience a taste of your professional life – and to forge that all important first connection.

Be human 

We often say that people connect with people. A well-written bio should give a prospective client an accurate impression of who you are, both professionally and personally. It should establish your experience and qualifications, but also that you’re a human being, complete with a personality.  

Avoid jargon wherever possible (you’re the expert; they’re not) and write in the first person for a more personal experience. Using humour to show off your personality and make yourself more relatable to audiences can sometimes be effective too.

Brag (in moderation) but be authentic 

What’s the point of writing a personal bio if you can’t brag a little? Establishing credibility is vital if you’re to stand out from other advisers.

If there’s space, list a few professional achievements to earn the trust of the small business community. But don’t be tempted to exaggerate – you want to be able to live up to your promises. Authenticity and sincerity is the best option when writing a short bio.

End with a persuasive call to action (CTA)

Like everything else you do on Enterprise Nation, your bio should have a conversion goal. It’s up to you to decide exactly what you want your audience to do after reading your bio.

A few common examples of CTAs to include in your Enterprise Nation adviser bio are: 

  • ‘Connect with me on Enterprise Nation and tell me more about your business’ 

  • ‘Book a discovery call to get the conversation started’ 

  • ‘Browse my business services to find out how I could help you build a great business’

Choose the right profile picture to accompany your bio 

The key for any adviser is to create a connection with potential small business owners. Having a blurry, poorly framed image (or even worse, no image at all) will see your Enterprise Nation profile lose that crucial slice of authenticity clients look for when deciding who they want to connect with.

They want to see genial, helpful advisers, so do your best to come across this way. If you’re friendly and approachable, upload a high-resolution smiling photo beside your bio. Don’t be tempted to upload a company logo.

Update your adviser bio every so often

As a professional adviser, you’re going to grow, learn new techniques, and work with different brands. As a result, your bio could become stale.

Make sure you review it every six months to keep it fresh, in much the same way you might do your own website. Shout about recent projects you’ve worked on, or add more services to showcase your new-found expertise.

Create a standout Enterprise Nation bio

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