Why video can supercharge your sales

Why video can supercharge your sales
Steven Mayatt
Steven MayattPocket Creatives

Posted: Tue 31st Jan 2023

We all know the benefits of using video. The flexibility to advertise, engage and educate our audiences using crafted video makes it the premier choice to spearhead your marketing efforts for the year ahead.

I've been delivering video for almost 20 years, and I've seen the market and the needs of our audiences change so much in that time.

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In recent years, we've all been so heavily beholden to the next challenge that's been thrust our way, from Covid to the conflict in Ukraine generating an unpredictable and turbulent market. Isn't running a business hard enough already!?

Isn't it time to try to take a bit of control back, and proactively protect ourselves and our businesses from not only today's challenges but from whatever's around the next corner?!

Now, all businesses are different, and some have even thrived during the pandemic. But look again, and we're seeing plenty of those who seemed untouchable a little over 18 months ago now having real problems.

Who would have thought giants like Netflix, Amazon, and BooHoo would be wobbling and have to seriously adjust course? And what we hear about small businesses disappearing is terrifying.

Historically, what tends to happen in these times is that people reduce marketing spend, as it's one of the easier purses to tighten. But there's a thought where this is counter-productive.

Surely, better marketing of your products and services is the tool to dig your way through the challenges with the hope of emerging stronger at the other end? I'm not saying we should all double our budgets, but I am saying that we should double our marketing efforts, rather than simply constricting, retreating to the bunker and waiting for the storm to pass.

Here's where video comes in

The flexibility of video is immense if it's used with thought and direction. I've always thought of video as a solution to a problem, and so when I'm consulting, I'll start there.

What problem is video going to help you solve? Perhaps you're in need of generating new leads, or maybe you're not converting enough visitors on your website. What if you're getting lost in the sea with your competitors and your potential customers are buying other brands? Some of these will sound familiar, and more exist that affect different industries.

With video, we can use it as a medium to tell our story and engage prospects. We can generate hype and excitement. Giving more movement to a fashion product may help to secure its sale if stills don't show quite enough.

If a customer knew how better to use a product, might that convince them to part with their hard-earned cash to buy it? Or maybe you're in a marketplace where people buy because of your values, and if your customers could understand why you use ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients, could that make them your biggest fan?

We produce videos for these challenges and offer these solutions every month of the year. But it's not just enough to have a video - it has to be the right video, with the right level of production value, containing the right messaging and call to action. I don't advocate breaking the bank, it's about finding the right fit - understanding your audience and their expectations. What do they need?

Video can be a dreadful waste of money if it's being produced just for the sake of it, which is why many companies prefer the support of an agency to help get the most value from the process. I've spoken to so many people who just say the words "I need a video" without really understanding how it needs to be used to deliver its purpose.

My task with this piece of content is to simply whet the appetite, and encourage business owners and marketing leads to think about their current challenges and how video may actually be the solution that you're looking for.

I hope this has been useful and has sparked some thought, and in less time than it takes to make your next cup of tea!

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Steven Mayatt
Steven MayattPocket Creatives

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