Lunch and Learn: Why authenticity is the answer to your business's success

Marisa Guthrie
Marisa GuthrieBusiness OwnerMarisa Guthrie

Posted: Wed 27th Oct 2021

In this Lunch and Learn, business coach Marisa Guthrie discusses how being authentic is all about connecting to yourself and your values.

We've all been in situations where we've tried to be something we aren't, or have tried to fit in with a certain group. When that happens, we might be able to walk the talk, but we know on some level that things don't feel right.

The same goes for our businesses and especially how we market ourselves and talk about what we do.

Being an entrepreneur means we're often doing things for the first time. So if we don't check in with ourselves, we can end up trying to fit someone else's model of who we should, especially within a certain industry.

Not only does it require huge amounts of energy to keep up this façade, but it can lead to cynicism, disillusionment, despair and even burnout.

Marisa Guthrie
Marisa GuthrieBusiness OwnerMarisa Guthrie
Before setting up my own coaching and mentoring business in 2008 I was involved in running businesses for over 20 years, mainly in the retail and healthcare industries I worked with large organisations such as Neal’s Yard Remedies and Planet Organic as well as many smaller companies, and was the Executive Director of a charity for several years. I founded and developed a number of social enterprises including a cross-party think tank and in 2016 I helped set up a not-for-profit peer to peer business support network. I am currently a member of the Charter for Women In Business. Throughout my career within the business and social enterprise world, from customer-facing roles to senior management, to becoming a CEO and running my own businesses I have gained valuable insight into the issues which business owners face. I write about many of these in my blog and was recently voted one of the Top 100 Business Coach Bloggers.

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