Lunch and Learn: PR for beginners

Fiona Minett
Fiona MinettBoss Your PR

Posted: Mon 12th Sep 2022

In this Lunch and Learn, Fiona Minett, founder of Boss Your PR, introduces the what, why and how of PR. She covers what PR is and what it looks like, why it is such an incredible tool for start-ups and small businesses, and why every business should be using it.

PR is all about communication; if you are already communicating with your audience via social media or email marketing, you’re already doing your own PR.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Understand the ways in which PR can help you grow your business by creatively connecting with your target audience

  • Learn about the process of PR and how to make your own connections with the journalists and the media

  • Start taking PR action to generate results for your business that will give you credibility and kudos to leverage into sales

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Fiona Minett
Fiona MinettBoss Your PR
Consumer PR expert providing comprehensive insight, resources and training to ensure that any entrepreneur and business owner can do their own PR in a time and cost effective manner, achieving the same results as any PR pro.

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