Lunch and Learn: Manage your time to create a better work-life balance

Nikki Wheeldon
Nikki WheeldonJampot Business Support

Posted: Wed 20th Apr 2022

In this Lunch and Learn, Nikki Wheeldon, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Jampot Business Support, shares some of her time-saving hacks so you can better manage your own workload.

Nikki looks at the ways in which you can make small changes that could have a big effect on both your workload and your work-life balance.

Key takeaways from this session

Techniques for managing your time and boosting productivity

  • Start being intentional about how you're managing your time and connect how much time you have with what you need to do.

  • Being deliberate about choosing the most effective work times is crucial for productivity and time management.

  • The only answer to procrastination is to actually do the task, as pushing through the feeling of discomfort and unease will make it better.

  • Prioritise and tackle the most important tasks first, even if you don't want to do them, to clear the way for other tasks.

  • The Pomodoro Method combines super productive moments with regular breaks to increase focus and productivity.

  • Practical tools and time management techniques are important, but it's crucial to take a step back and define what balance looks like for you.

Work-life balance and boundaries

  • Setting boundaries and balance is crucial for a healthy and sustainable work-life balance.

  • Communicating your boundaries to your team and clients is crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

  • Giving clear instructions, honest feedback, and time to make sure relationships work is essential for successful delegation and work-life balance.

  • The link between motivation and dopamine is really interesting and worth exploring further.

  • Exploring how the brain and nervous system work in response to different things can be really interesting and insightful.


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Nikki Wheeldon
Nikki WheeldonJampot Business Support
I am the Co-Founder Jampot Business support. We work with entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups supporting them with everything from VA to HR support, Marketing to Finance/Accountancy, Web & Graphic Design to Legal Consultancy and all on a here-when-you-need-us basis.

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