Lunch and Learn: How to turn your passion for wellness into a business

Posted: Fri 7th Oct 2022

Have you always loved looking after your health and dreamed of being able to help other people with theirs too?

In this Lunch and Learn, wellness business mentor Vicky Shilling takes you through the practical steps and mindset shifts you need to take in order to turn that daydream into a day job.

What we will cover

How to validate your idea and offer

Validating your wellness business idea involves:

  • understanding the target audience and their needs – identifying the target market's pain points and desires can help you work out whether your business idea has potential

  • researching the market and competition – doing market research can give you valuable insight into the industry and your competitors, and help identify gaps that your business can fill

  • testing the idea with potential customers – this can involve surveys, focus groups, or even creating a minimum viable product (MVP) to see if there's demand for the product or service

By validating the idea before launching the business, you lessen the risk of failure and increase your chances of success.

How to construct your offering

  • First, you do your market research and identify a need or gap in the industry. Then you determine your target audience and ideal customer personas.

  • Next, you must decide what type of wellness business you want to start. Will it be a yoga studio, a health coaching service, or a shop that sells nutritious foods, for example?

  • Develop a business plan that includes your goals, financial projections and marketing strategy.

  • Register your business and apply for any licences and permits you might need.

  • Build your brand image and create a website to promote your business.

  • Finally, network with other wellness professionals and attend industry events to establish a presence in the wellness community.

What is your USP?

Your wellness business will need a unique selling proposition (USP) (sometimes called unique selling point) – a specific feature or benefit of a product or service that sets it apart from its competitors and makes it stand out in the marketplace.

Typically, you'll use your USP in your marketing to help differentiate yourself and attract customers. A strong USP can be a powerful tool in driving sales and building brand recognition and loyalty.

Where to get advice and help

There are many resources available to help you launch a wellness business. You can start by researching online for industry associations, mentorship programmes or business incubators that specialise in wellness businesses.

Networking with other entrepreneurs in the wellness industry can provide valuable insights and connections.

About the speaker: Vicky Shilling

Dedicated to making wellbeing solopreneurship as simple and supported as possible in a world of advice overwhelm, Vicky shares tips and straight-talking action steps through her Just Start Now book and award-nominated podcast, community and one-to-one mentoring.

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