Lunch and Learn: How to tell your brand story

Tim Elliott
Tim ElliottHead of Spill Teem UKThe Spill Teem®

Posted: Thu 26th Aug 2021

Watch back: How to tell your brand story

The stories we tell about who we are, what we do and why it's important, are the foundations of how we build great brands.

Story has long been at the very centre of how we effectively communicate our ideas as people and as brands. That’s because story drives understanding and connection between us, connection to our ideas, and creates value.

Watch back this recorded webinar, to hear Tim Elliott share his ‘Brand Star' model and how it can help you to create a stand-out brand story.

Tim Elliott
Tim ElliottHead of Spill Teem UKThe Spill Teem®
Thanks for visiting my profile 🙏 Let me introduce myself. I've been living in a world of strategic creativity for over 23 years (so far) and have worked both client-side and agency-side, as well as operated a successful agency myself, which means over the last couple of decades, I have been at the table having strategic conversations with 1000's of businesses and leaders, helping them apply creativity so they might grow themselves and their organisations. Today the 'day job' is heading up the UK chapter of The Spill Teem®, a global Design Consultancy who work with organizations worldwide to help shift their thinking culture. The Spill Teem® have an extensive background in service, product, communication and behavioural design and collectively carry 30+ years of human-centred Design experience, business strategy, and cultural change work. My work also regularly involves delivering keynotes at events, speaking to teams, at leadership groups, masterminds and retreats. I also deliver lectures, seminars and provide training when required on the topic of brand, strategy, storytelling and human-centred design. If you would like me to come and speak to your group or at an event or want to know how you can work with me or Spill Teem®, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch anytime.

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